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Digital Dentures

Precision Denture Care is proud to introduce digital dentures to our list of patient offerings.  Our clinic has integrated digital denture technology into our practice to better serve our patients while maintaining the same competitive price point.  Digital dentures offer many advantages such as: faster turn-around and a more precise fit.  To learn more, call us today to book a complimentary consultation.

What Are Digital Dentures ?

Digital dentures use the newest 3D technology to achieve the most accurate rendition of an intra oral mould to date. The term digital refers to the technique and process involved with fabricating dentures using state of the art technology.
The process is quicker, the fit is better and the overall product is more precise. Precision Denture Care has upgraded our on-site lab with high tech equipment such as new design software and 3D printer along with months of new training and relevant courses. We are committed to bringing the future of denturism into our practice.

How Are Digital Dentures Made ?

Digital dentures are made using revolutionary technology, high quality materials and advanced dental software. The impressions of your teeth are digitized using a 3D scanner which can accurately measure the dimensions of your mouth. From here, we are able to print that scan to create a ‘try-in’ sample set of dentures. This allows the patient to wear the sample dentures prior to fabrication. Any changes can be made at this point and digitally added to the existing digital scan for complete accuracy. Once approved, the dentures are 3D printed or milled.

Benefits of Digital Dentures

How will Digital Dentures fit?

Digital scan of moulds allow for extremely precise shape and size, leading to a better fit.

How long will it take to make a set of Digital Dentures?

Digital dentures can be fabricated in 2-3 weeks vs. Traditional dentures that take 3-6 weeks.  This is because fewer visits are required during the fabrication process.

What will Digital Dentures look like?

A digital try-in set can be made before the final prosthesis is finished for the patient to wear and visualize what the final dentures will look like.

How much will Digital Dentures cost?

Rates for Digital Dentures are comparable to a traditional set of dentures.

What if I lose or damage my Digital Dentures?

If dentures are ever lost or damaged, the turn around to make a new set is much faster because we are able to digitally store mould scans, teeth shape and teeth shade

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